Dan Sanderson – Senior JavaScript Developer at NOW TV

“Simran personifies professionalism. He’s great at his job, friendly and down to earth and really cares about not only finding the right candidate for the position but finding the right position for the candidate. I’d highly recommend considering any opportunity that he should be seeking a candidate for. I was particularly impressed with the efficiency of his process; from first contact to interview couldn’t have taken more than 3 days. After a few weeks in the position he was considerate enough to touch base to check that everything was going smoothly. I look forward to working with Simran in the future.”

Mike Purgatori – Software Engineer at Plandek

“I worked with Sim on finding a Front End Developer position in London. Being new to the UK he was a great resource in navigating the development landscape and was very informed about the companies he works with and the technologies they use. He guided me through every step of the hiring process and we were able to find a great fit for all parties. Sim is a great guy to talk to and a true professional.”

Loic Marcos – Senior Software Engineer at ING Nederland

“As a contractor, I’ve dealt with a lot of recruiters, and I can say that Simran’s one of the best and most pleasant ones. He took the time to listen to what I was after in my next role, found me the perfect fit, and guided me through the different stages of the interview process with perfection. He made my life easy!”

James Stratford – Backend Developer at Quit Genius

“Having dealt with a number of recruiters, Simran is definitively one of the best I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He helped me find a new position that suited my needs effectively and was friendly and professional throughout the entire process. I felt that he really made the effort to ensure that both my needs and wants from my new job matched those of the company.”

Andre Oliveira – Senior Front End Developer at FINSA Europe

“With Simran the recruitment process was very easy and smooth. He was always available for me and keeping me in the loop of every stages of the application. Not only professional, but he is also very friendly, so it was a pleasure to have the entire process of recruitment run by him”

Zsuzsa Varga – Front End Developer at Byhiras

“Very professional, friendly and supportive every step of the way. He was always available to help with any questions I might have had during the recruitment process, and did so very throughly. Absolute pleasure working with him. Sim is definitely one of the best recruitment specialists I’ve ever worked with, I was very lucky to have had my application handled by him”

Rafal Tytyk – Senior Software Engineer at Third Bridge Group Limited

“Simran is one rare gem of a recruitment consultant! He helped me land an amazing opportunity, keeping in touch throughout and making sure I’m informed and focused on the process, while managing the expectations with honesty. His high energy was contagious and uplifting which I’ve found refreshing during the lock-down and needless to say the style and personality that Simran represents is missing in 99% of recruitment agents out there who should be taking strong advice from this gentleman! I hope to work with him in the future. Two thumbs up!”

Kieran McIntyre – Front End Developer at Wi5

“An absolute pleasure to work with, Simran makes sure to keep you thoroughly updated throughout the process, taking the time to help you prepare for each stage and answer all questions that one may have. More importantly, he is also extremely friendly and highly respectful, taking the time to listen to your feedback and understand your thoughts and opinions. I would highly recommend getting in touch with Simran about new opportunities.”